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Triostar Stromanthe (Shipping Included)

Triostar Stromanthe (Shipping Included)

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This vibrant Plant Baby is a member of the prayer plant family, with gorgeous, long variegated leaves with deep pink undersides, she is best grown indoors.  She is temperamental, so pay close attention to the care guide.

*This batch of babies are big! Each around 50cm in height.


Place your Triostar in an area with sporadic light, not direct sunlight as her leaves will burn.  As always, dust her leaves regularly to make sure she is photosynthesising at her best!


Your new Plant Baby needs a soil that is well-draining, and light. Although it needs to retain moisture, it shouldn't be too heavy or cloggy.


Keep her soil moist but not wet by watering consistently.  In Winter months water her a little less. Distilled water is best, at room temperature.  If you don't have distilled water, pour tap water into a jug and let it sit overnight so that the chlorine can evaporate.

Keeping the soil constantly moist, but not waterlogged, is preferable. In cooler weather, this plant can be kept a little drier. Allowing just the top inch of soil to dry before rewatering usually provides good results.


Feed your triostar with a diluted, balanced fertiliser every couple of weeks will encourage it to thrive in the warmer months.