Our May box has been sent! Our next dispatch date is 20 June


What size plant do you receive with a subscription?

All our plants come in at least 12cm pots, usually 14cm.  All plants are healthy and well established.  If they are any smaller, we will let you know in advance but promise they will 100% be worth it!

What type of plants will I receive? 

We specially source and select the finest plants that are best for indoor use.  Each month is a surprise!  We haven't had one double up in 18months, so no need to worry about getting the same plant twice if you sign up for a 12month subscription.

When do you ship?

All subscriptions will be shipped on the third Monday of every month. You receive free shipping but allow for 2-5 days depending on where you are based in New Zealand.  One off plants (not part of our subscription) will be shipped the following Monday after ordering so they don't sit in the courier van over the weekend.  

What plant accessory/gift will I receive with my "Feeling Ferncy" subscription box?

We specially select plant related accessories and/or gifts, from Kiwi businesses.  We're sure you will love them!

How does the pricing work for the subscription boxes?

The price is a fee that comes out of your account every month on the same day.  You can change the day it comes out to one that suits you in your customer account.

Can I stop the subscription at any time?

Yes, you certainly can!  Sign up, cancel or pause your subscription whenever it suits you! 

Can I gift one of my subscription boxes to another address?

You absolutely can!  You can gift every box to a different address if you wish, just send us an email in the first week of the month and we will get the address changed for you!