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About our Baby

Plant Baby's seed was sewn in 2020, and like many other businesses, born out of lockdown.  Sophie, the brain behind the seed, is a full time mum, product developer and owner of a very successful business that focus's on natural, earth friendly skincare.  A former florist, the time in lockdown had reignited Sophie's "green thumb", hence inspiring her to water, feed and grow Plant Baby into business.  A specially selected indoor plant, pot and accessory delivered to your door once a month.  Care instructions, tips and advice included.  

Sophie and Siobhan met in 2019 through business and hit it off right away!   Siobhan too, runs her own business but secretly (maybe not so secretly) wanted to join Sophie on her Plant Baby journey.  A mum of two boys, a puppy and a couple of goldfish (and an impressive Plant Baby collection at home), Siobhan was over the moon when Sophie decided to colaborate!  Another baby to grow! 
And now, we work together to make Plant lovers across New Zealand happy every month!  We are not your average subscription box - chocolate subscriptions... coffees subscriptions...  wine subscriptions... pffft...this subscription wont change your body or drinking habits. It will only make you happy and your home beautiful!