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Indoor Plants for Low Light areas



If you are reading this, you mostly likely love indoor plant babies as much as we do here at Plant Baby!  There is nothing better than lush, green photosynthesising machines in the home - they bring a homely, fresh feel and brighten up any room in the home.  


But some of us struggle with “indirect bright light”, deciphering what that really means can be tricky.   And some of us have darker homes with more “low-light areas that couldn’t be classed as “bright” light.  Either way, we all have corners and areas in the home that are lower light areas that could use an indoor plant to brighten it up.


In most cases, indoor plants can handle both bright light and low light, but will behave differently, such as the Anthurium in our last months subscription box - it can survive in low light conditions, but will flower continuously throughout the year if given more bright light. Each indoor baby behaves according to its conditions.  


Generally speaking, low-light plants do not need much water.  They have larger (or longer) leaves to soak up as much light as possible across the surface area and sometimes even have a waxy finish to keep in the moisture. 

So, in light of those who have more low light areas (excuse the play on words there), we have investigated the top plants for those “non-bright light” areas in your home.


  • ZZ Plant - a super low maintenance gem who doesn’t require much attention and can easily be propagated.  


  • Spider Plant - a gorgeous white and green plant baby that offers white flowers and cascades over, hanging perfectly with long, slender leaves.


  • Moth Orchid - if you’re looking for something that gives beautiful flowers then consider a Moth Orchid.  Orchids have a bad rep for being finicky, but I think if you can find the perfect spot and water only when needed then you’re ahead of the game - give it a go!


  • Snake Plant - perfect for that dark bathroom, this baby is a type of succulent so it retains waters well - do not over water her!  I love her perfectly imperfect spotting, giving the area a real interesting look.  


  • Peace Lily - she will definitely let you know when you haven’t watered her enough - her leaves will droop, but with a good shower she will be back to normal in no time.  She is also a good hydro plant candidate, Have a look here to see how to do it yourself.  https://www.hunker.com/13427676/how-to-grow-peace-lilies-in-water


  • Pothos - this baby is perfect for hanging and climbing!  It may need to propped and helped along, but it will extend beautiful arms and love your low-light areas!  Purchase yours here.



Whether your home is filled with bright light or low light, there is an indoor plant baby that will happily survive the area, you just have to find the perfect one!  With Plant Baby’s subscription box, you will find an indoor plant for every area in your home so subscribe today!

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Photo by David Clode on Unsplash