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Having Indoor plants can change your life!


Not only do indoor plants bring a sense of lush freshness to your home, but they are also good for your mental health!  Your plant baby does more than just sit pretty on your windowsill - there are heaps of benefits to potting, watering and caring for indoor plant babies.  The thing is though, (and Im sure this may be more obvious to some more than others), it must be a live plant!  A living, photosynthesising green machine requiring soil and water.   


From the more dramatic varieties like calatheas who need more titivating (or less, guess it depends on the day), to the easy-care Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ plant), this act of caring is rather therapeutic, some may even suggest, “Good for the soul”.  So much so, that  Researchers have actually used horticultural therapy to increase “good-mood” feelings of people who experience depression and anxiety. 


Indoor plants may also help you recover faster from illness and sharpen your attention - a 2002 study revealed that sick or recovering participants required less pain medication and less time in hospital.  Student participants  were put in a classroom with a fake plant, a real plant, a photograph of a plant and no plant at all - brain scans later showed that the students who studied with real live plants were shown to concentrate better than the other students.  Multiple studies have also shown that plants in your office can boost creativity and productivity - so take a plant baby to work with you today!


And last but certainly not least, plants improve you indoor air quality.  A NASA study back in the 80’s shows that many indoor plant varieties can reduce airborne volatile compounds.  Indoor varieties such as Spider plants, Peace lilies, rubber plants and ferns are all good.  The more the merrier I say. 


I can tell you all the reasons why should get yourself some indoor plants, these reasons above are suppose to sell it to you, but honestly you will really never know what a joy it is be surrounded by lush, green plant babies until you’ve tried it!  There are many beautiful indoor plant varieties, some more tricky to keep alive than others, so start easy and move to the next.  Grow your collection slowly, learn what your new indoor plant likes and what it doesn’t, and join your local plant group for tips and tricks.  Familiarise yourself with indoor plant pots, check their sizing to make sure your nursery pots fit snugly inside. 


Plant Baby offers a monthly subscription delivered to your door.  With three tiers to choose from, you can decide which tier suits you.  A specially selected, well established indoor plant (its a surprise), an indoor plant pot and a plant related gift/accessory.  Sign up today to grow with us!