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The ZZ Plant
The ZZ Plant
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The ZZ Plant

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Technically this plant baby is known as the Zamioculcas zamiifolia.  Originating from Zanzibar, it can withstand a dry environment with its large tuba system under the soil.

It will grow to around 90cm tall and perfect for an office environment where it may be regular neglected.


*Cover pot not included, see our ceramics to pair with your new Plant Baby.


Your ZZ Plant won’t tolerate temperatures below 16°C if left outside on a patio. It is best not to be left in fluctuating temperatures.  Keep her indoors.


The ZZ plant likes bright light but avoid direct sun light. It can tolerate low light levels.


Let your ZZ Plant plant dry out between watering’s. Water less during cooler months. They don’t like to be overwatered as this can cause the stems to rot.


There is no need to repot for a few years, she will be happy in the same pot.   Should you need to re-pot it, select a pot that is about 5cm larger with good drainage holes.


Use a good quality potting mix that is fast draining.


If a stem grows too big for the rest of the plant don’t hesitate to remove it completely. If any leaves yellow it is fine to cut them away.


During spring use an all-purpose liquid plant food to promote new growth.


The ZZ Plant can be toxic and should not be ingested by humans or animals.