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Philodendron Minima

Philodendron Minima

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A low maintenance climbing plant baby, growing quite fast in Spring and summer, she's a favourite among plant collectors.   She comes in a 17cm pot with pole.  

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The Minima prefers a warm and humid environment as it is a tropical plant. Ideally with temperatures between 18-29 degrees.


Prefers moderate to bright indirect light. Place the minima where the sunlight never touches the leaves of your plant to avoid burning her leaves.


Likes damp soil. Water regularly but allow the top 3cm of the soil dry out before watering again. The roots do not like to be left wet so ensure that your pot has good drainage. Reduce your watering during the winter months.


Other than providing your plant with a structure to climb, you may wish to tie part of your plant to the structure to guide it. Keep the leaves clean and dust free - perhaps a summer shower outside in the rain.  And wipe leaves down.  


During Spring and Summer, use an all-purpose liquid plant food to promote new growth.


The Philodendron Minima is toxic and should not be consumed by pets and children.


This plant prefers a loose and well-draining soil. Able to hold moisture, but is not so dense as to cause root rot.