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Clusia Rosea Princess AKA The Autograph tree

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This Plant Baby is an ornamental leafy houseplant, and do you know why its also known as the autograph tree?  Because you can etch an image, text or design into the leaf face and it will grow with it, visible until you remove the leaf.  Perfect as a gift!


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The Clusia rosea likes a warm and humid environment as a tropical plant. Temperatures between 18-22 degrees will suffice.


This Plant baby loves bright, indirect sunlight.  However, it can tolerate a shadier position. Direct sunlight will burn its leaves.


Likes moist soil. Water regularly but allow the soil to partly dry out before watering again. The roots do not like to be left wet so ensure that your pot has good drainage. It is a plant that can survive periods of draught, although this will not create a healthy, bushy plant. Water slightly more during spring and summer months which are periods of growth. Reduce your watering schedules during the winter months.


The Clusia rosea will need to be trimmed once a year to help maintain the desired shape of your plant. It will grow to approx. 50-100cm indoors. Remember to wipe down the leaves of your plant to help keep them dust free and flourishing. This can be done by putting your plant out in the summer rain, or give it a good shower.


During spring and summer use an all-purpose liquid plant food to promote new growth.


The Clusia is an irritant if eaten. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


This plant prefers a loose well-draining soil with a component of organic matter such as bark or peat.  


When the Clusia rosea’s roots appear to have filled the bottom of the pot it is time to upgrade the pot size. Trimming your Clusia annually will keep it at a smaller grade of indoor plant.

Discolouration of Leaves: If there is too much water the leaves can have yellow or brown edges. If the plant is receives too much sunlight the leaves will also develop yellow colouring. Simply shift your plant further away and your plant should once again flourish.